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Online Giving

Partner with Us Through Giving

Make a difference

We invite you to participate in donating financially to Genesis so this life-giving, biblical message can reach more lives. Your generous gifts enable us to help people grow in their faith. Your donations are making a difference.

Convenience (*TEXT to Give)

Giving is as easy as sending a text. Simply text the word "GIVE" to *720-730-8510. (* you can also text the amount of your donation). If this is your first time, you'll be asked to provide some basic information, one time, safely linking your account to your smart phone. This isn't charged to your phone bill, you can always refund if you make a mistake, and you will receive a text confirming your gift. From here on out, you will be able to give anytime from anywhere with a single text.

Safe & Secure (it's a "breeze")

Even if giving online isn't your thing creating an account in *BREEZE, our online community, is super easy to do. Then, if you’d like to view your giving record for the current and prior calendar years, your records will be available to you at all times. This feature is completely secure and private and allows you to not only view your contributions to Genesis but print off monthly, quarterly, or annual reports as you would like for your personal accounting.

Giving FAQ's

  • What to expect when you show up!
    When you arrive you'll be welcomed by friendly, casual individuals who are excited to see you. Be yourself and relax. There is no one to impress and no one watching in judgment of how you've combed your hair, whether you have on shorts and sandals or dressy duds, and no one will be counting your tattoos!
  • What if I don't know the songs and can't sing well?
    We either put the words up on a screen or hand them out on paper. Regardless, don't worry about it. Most of us don't remember them very well and can't keep a tune. LOL!
  • What about my children, is there something for them?"
    Presently we don't have separate childcare, nurseries, or children's functions. If that's an area of serving you feel a calling to, give Pastor Jeff a call or respond to his email:
  • What will I hear about money and people being asked to give?
    Very little actually. In fact, you will never experience pressure to give. If the message you hear touches your heart or you witness something you'd like to help us with, we invite you to share your financial support and gifts. YOU will be blessing people.
  • How long is the Sunday morning Gathering?
    About 50 minutes to an hour. We promise you this--there won't be any rambling announcements or wasted moments. This is an intimate, vibrant, "Ted-Talk"-like presentation with open discussion and thoughtful prayer.
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