What We Believe…a personal note from Pastor Jeff

Personal Note from Pastor Jeff:

Non-denominational / Relational: Genesis church is accountable to and in relationship with several church “organizations“, namely, According to Pattern, Sr. Team Leader, Dr. Earl Johnson; and Mike Keyes Ministries Intl., Apostle Mike Keyes. Additionally, Nina and I (as well as Genesis) are accountable to and governed by a local Board of Directors and a national Board of Church Overseers.
Born-again: one is not “born again” on the basis of characterizing themselves as such, but based upon their answers to two questions. First, “have you ever made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ that is still important in your life today?” Second, “where will you go after death . . . after you leave this earth?” An answer such as “when I die, I will go to Heaven because by faith in Christ’s sacrifice on the cross I’ve received the forgiveness of my sins, and with my mouth I’ve confessed Jesus Christ as my Lord”, would define one as “born-again.”

Spirit-filled: we embrace the person of the Holy Spirit as the One who empowers and guides us through daily life. While all Christians have the Holy Spirit indwelling them, it is by personal invitation that Christians can be subsequently filled or “baptized” in the Spirit. When we yield totally to His presence, accepting by faith His total infilling, the Holy Spirit then empowers us and gives to us spiritual gifts by which we can serve our community and the Body of Christ.

Evangelical: while it isn’t possible to find agreement among Christian leaders and theologians about the exact definition of the term “evangelical”, we agree with the one offered by George Barna, president of the Barna Research Group; “Those included in this segment meet the criteria for being born again; say their faith is very important in their life today; believe they have a personal responsibility to share their religious beliefs about Christ with non-Christians; believe that Satan exists; believe that eternal salvation is possible only through grace, not works; believe that Jesus Christ lived a sinless life on earth; and describe God as the all-knowing, all-powerful, perfect deity who created the universe and still rules it today.”


Now, having addressed this from a theological expression, let me tell you what kind of place Genesis is as if we were sitting across the table from one another at the local Starbucks!
Genesis is a community of people who really enjoy doing life together. We’re from all religious affiliations but have dropped the labels. We’re from many different stations and positions of influence in life, but we’ve learned it’s not about hierarchical structure. We’ve embraced the New Testament as the final authority on truth, but don’t believe it’s about being RIGHT!
We’re passionate about caring for and loving people, so we teach respect and openness for everyone–no matter from where their journey has brought them. We believe in empowering individuals to function in their gifts and minister life to one another; therefore, we’ve decentralized the ministry, moving it out of the pulpit.
Finally, we’re a congregation of people who are in the process of “being” saved. We believe it isn’t about perfection… in fact, even those in ministry positions among us minister from a place of brokenness… a place of love and humility–not as ones who have it all together.
Bottom line… you’ll just have to experience Genesis . . .  Passionate, Loving, Relevant . . . it’s all about Jesus!