The Genesis Ethos

What does Ethos mean? It’s a Greek word which means:

(Greek word meaning, “the distinguishing character and guiding beliefs
of a group or institution)


These three words describe us… at least who we’re becoming.
We believe you can come here to Genesis, belong, and not necessarily believe everything we believe—we think that’s ok.
We invite you to journey along with us and discover God in the process… so we don’t have a preset of who you must be (or look like) A, B, C, and D.
We believe you can hang out, be part of this community, and as you’re a part we will discover God together.
We believe that in the PROCESS you’re going to discover a belief in God.
In the process of allowing people to belong and discover a belief in God we become the people that God wants us to be.
We discover the very best version of us in Community as we belong together, as we discover who God is — who he is in us and through us, we then become the very expression of him.  (Pastor Rodd – notes from Compassion Series)