Help With (or how to schedule) Your Online Gifts


Through online giving you have the option of 1) scheduling recurring donations or 2) making one-time contribution to Genesis.

Choice #1  One Time Donation (using Credit/Debit Card)

You may use your Visa, MasterCard, AMEX credit card or a debit card…either work in the same manner. (We encourage the use of a debit card as a cash-based alternative for anyone who is concerned about credit card debt.)

Choice #2  Scheduled Donations (using your Bank Account (ACH) or Credit Card)

1. Login* to your Virtual Community(VC) account using your personal ID (username) and password.
     *If you don’t have an ID & password create one now! Create New Account
        (You will receive your ID & password shortly. After you do, proceed to 1a. below)
1a.  Now, login to your new virtual account here—>  VC Account
2.  Select the “Give Now” icon    from the top, right of the blue bar on your screen. This screen appears:
3.  Follow the menu selection and enter your information in the fields provided.

Additional HELP

Credit or Debit Card

You may use your Visa or MasterCard for online giving. A debit card works in the same manner as a credit card. (We encourage the use of a debit card as a cash-based alternative for anyone who is concerned about credit card debt.)

Your First Online Gift

When you make your first online gift, a $1 charge will immediately appear on your bank account as a “Credit Card Authorization.” This is simply the system’s way to verify that your credit or debit card information is correct. After that, the $1 charge will be removed and only the specified amount of your gift will be processed. To proceed, you may create your account and give now.

Donation Options

You will have the opportunity to set up recurring contributions or to make a special one-time donation. Currently our online giving program allows you to designate your donation to (1) Tithes  (2) Offerings – general fund  (3) Or any of several other Designated fund areas.

View Your Giving Record

Even if you choose not to give online, you may create a Virtual Account(VC) with a personal login and password. Then, if you’d like to view your giving record for the current and prior calendar years, your records will be available to you at all times. This feature is completely secure and private and allows you to not only view your contributions to Genesis but print off monthly, quarterly, or annual reports as you would like for your personal accounting.

** Now that you have an online giving account, you may login at any time to update your giving preferences or make a special gift. You can also check your giving throughout the year and verify funds. Please be sure to keep your record current with any changes in your personal contact information. Now, enjoy using online giving.