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“to invite people into a growing faith in Jesus Christ…
a gathering where God’s presence is
experienced in love and power”
(Greek word meaning, “the distinguishing character and guiding beliefs of a group or institution)
Come as you are…experience God’s love and power!
We’re a community of Spirit-filled believers who are passionate about worship, growing in Christ, and reaching our community with the message of God’s love and grace. Come and see! Come as you are . . . no strings attached. You won’t be judged, smothered, coerced, or intimidated. Instead, you’ll find a group of people who are very friendly, warm, balanced, and real — just like you! As our guest you’ll meet a lot of smiling faces and have some warm introductions. We really care about your family and will do our best to make sure your experience at Genesis is a real encounter with God’s presence.
We’re passionate about the Ethos . . . Belong, Believe, Become.” Our challenge for you to consider is: 1) attend Sunday mornings at Genesis for several weeks,  2) ask God to reveal the person of the Holy Spirit and God’s presence to you, and 3) ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to where you (and your family) belong in His church.