A Journey into Spiritual Reality

In this “Lite” version of a many-week seminar, your mind and heart will be freshly inspired as you discover things such as:

*Why You Exist
*What really happened at creation – God’s original intent
*The Infinite Reality of God within You
*Four Levels of Revelation
*A new way of thinking with block logic rather than linear
*Elevate your Perception of Reality
*Being Connected with the Real You

Dr. John Mastrogiovanni, D. Min, is the founder of Foundation Rock Ministries International, providing apostolic oversight and input to a number of ministries, including the church he and his wife, Karen, founded in 1985 in Monrovia, CA. He is an educator of Western Philosophy, Hebrew scholar and a clear-sounding innovative voice to the current and rising generation. Dr. John is also an accomplished author, having written five books.

This college-level seminar will open your hearts and minds to further perceive into the realm of the spirit as well as God’s purposes for you and mankind.

Seminar Schedule

Thursday, June 22      7:00-9:30pm

Friday, June 23          7:00-10:00pm

Saturday, June 24      2:30-8:30pm

Pre-seminar you’ll receive an online, Preliminary Class” to prepare for the seminar.


We suggest arriving 15 minutes early; we will start promptly. There will be no reviews of previous classes.

NOTE:  Because each class builds upon previous concepts, it is not worthwhile to start the seminar in the middle or on Saturday only.

Registration Information (register HERE)

$25 registration fee includes: 

         – Genesis Factor Lite Syllabus     

         – Dinner Saturday (Subway Party Sub, chips, dessert, drinks)

         – Snacks throughout (such as veggies, cheese/crackers, drinks)

Note:  An Offering will be received at the seminar for Dr. John.


– Parents, if you’re unable to provide your own childcare, we can make childcare available per child at $5/Thurs; $5/Fri; $10/Sat…with a maximum total of $40/family.


Registration Deadlineso we can order enough Syllabus books to arrive in time, it’s important to register by Sunday, June 11.  We may be able to take later registrations, but extra syllabuses ordered will be on first-come, first-served basis.

3 Ways You Can Register and Pay!

  1. TEXT: text the keyword “factor” (without the quotes) to 720.463.1515.
  2. Website: www.Genesiscc.net – click on “Genesis Factor” from CONNECT menu. (HERE)
  3. Complete the information form in service and drop in offering.